Bandon Music Festival – Saturday night review

Last night saw a fantastic evening’s entertainment take place at the Shambles.

A great concert took place in a fantastic and friendly atmosphere with rave reviews for Jamie Lawson and the headline act, Sharon Shannon and Big Band with a guest appearance of  Jerry Fish.

Jerry’s impromptu piece with bringing local kids on stage to do part of the act was just one memory of a great night.

Jamie arrived to screams and shouts from some adoring fans and after his set, he made these fans’ day by taking photos with them … something they’ll never forget. He made many friends in Bandon with some great music … this guy has a long and successful road ahead of him.

If the energy with which the headline act brought to concert could be bottled and sold, there’d be no such thing as an energy crisis. The skill, tempo, beat and atmosphere of their act was something to experience. Sharon’s musical skills along with those who accompanied her may inspire the next generation to get involved in music.

And for Jerry … what a singer, what a crowd pleaser … he showed what being an entertainer is all about.

What an act, what an atmosphere … what a night!!!

The summer truly started here!

Roll on Sunday night!

P.S. The other acts that performed through Bandon during the day also deserve a mention … As I wandered from location to location, it was obvious that there was a real party atmosphere in the town for all the family!

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