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As part of the flood relief plan for Bandon a new clearspan footbridge is to replace the old footbridge in Bandon.
The mayor of Bandon Cllr Sean o Donovan made the suggestion of a singlespan bridge to replace the old footbridge, instead of underpinning the existing bridge as had been planned by the OPW back last year, when they met in Bandon, and he is delighted that a new bridge is to be installed over the river Bandon.

The old structure is in place from the early 1920s and was made partly of timber before been upgraded in later years.
The new bridge will span over the river from each bank and will not have any legs such as the eight pairs of legs there now, therefore eliminating trees and other materials lodging under it causing to block and slow the flow of the river.

“This is great news for Bandon showing the commitment from Cork County Council and the OPW to our town. I would Like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Noel o keeffe our previous town manager who helped in negotiations with ¬†getting this new footbridge. This will help enormously as part of the flood relief scheme”.

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