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Please find below some updates of recent events:

Bandon Walled Town Festival:

Well done to the organisers and the participants of the inaugural Bandon Walled Town Festival. The events that took place were a credit to all concerned. The colours, the activities and the fun that was had was something to be cherished. I just hope it becomes an annual event …… and so does everyone else!

Mayors Diary (A quick recap of some of the activities of Town Mayor, Gillian Coughlan as of Sept 4)

What a week! Back to school last Monday, elated from the success of what was, I think, a very successful, inaugural Bandon Walled Town Festival. Many thanks again to the great committee and many volunteers and to the many Bandonians and visitors who came to Bandon to enjoy the weekend.

On Tuesday last, I was very proud, as Mayor of Bandon , to witness an extraordinary feat of volunteer commitment in St. Patrick’s Facility, Upton. Aramark (formerly Campbell Catering) chose St Patricks as it’s volunteer project for 2012. 116 volunteers travelled to Upton from all over Ireland to help to spruce up the gardens and recreation hall there. A co-ordinating group from the USA did all of the preparatory work during the previous week. All materials were sourced locally- a boost to the local economy. I would like to commend Mairead Murphy and her staff and the team at Aramark. Am looking forward to seeing the finished product!

This evening, I attended a meeting of Community activists from all over West Cork, in Bantry. Chaired by Mr Con McCarthy, this dynamic group intends to lobby to defend rural communities from the impacts of the severe cuts that are already underway in areas such as education, justice and health. Here in Bandon, the retention of our Community Hospital is a burning issue and one that will be addressed by this group.

I was saddened to hear of the fate of WYG, consulting engineers on the Bandon Main Drainage Scheme. I understand, however, that some of the key personnel may be retained on site, easing the transition. There are plans to close Ballylangley over the next few days and trial trenches are to be dug in different locations around the town. Watergate Street has obviously fallen behind schedule. It seems that a road closure will be sought there again later in the Autumn. If there are any specific questions, let me know and I’ll do my best.

Businesses News:

Best of luck to the owners of the Chapel Steps Restaurant and Wine bar who have brought on board Kevin O’Regan, formerly of the Electric Bar & Restaurant in Cork city. His philosophy of using local food and supporting local growers, farmers and producers should be of major benefit to patrons. We all know the standard of locally made produce so Kevin should be in seventh heaven with what he has at his front door. Kevin and his team will be able to improve the fine reputation of Bandon being one of the best food towns in Cork. Best wishes to all involved. We wish proprietors, Siobhán and Seán O’reilly all the best in their new venture.

Talking of new ventures, Bandon has furthered its reputation of a centre of excellence for food high level food emporiums, the Duchess Tearooms, located at Bridge Street has recently opened its doors. I think their press release gives a good picture of what they’re about:

“there are no clocks in the tea rooms, and although it will just be possible to glimpse the flash of the outside world as it passes through Bandon if you look hard in the direction of the door, a strange sense will overcome patrons in which they will experience the unusual feeling of taking a two-hour holiday from time that will only heighten the pleasure of drinking tea at the Duchess tea rooms” The Duchess Tea rooms will offer patrons refinement and the experience of unbridled ambiance, excellence of service and a commitment to “pure enjoyment, even in this modern world.

I think any visitor to the town is now spoilt for choice for any type of lunch dinner or tea! Bandon – fast becoming the good food capital of West Cork!

More briliant Bandon retailing news:

Congratulations and best wishes to Philip and Laurie Hurley of Wild Side Sports, (On the bypass) who have recently been nominated as one of the Top 50 Best Shops in Ireland. What an achievement after less than 18 months in operation! Check out the following link for more details:
Here is a link to the article in full:

Bandon – a centre of excellence for education.

Bandon is maintaining its fine reputation of producing some of the best results in not only the county but also the country. The results achieved by the fine students of Bandon schools ensures that Bandon is maintaining its reputation as having some of the best schools in Ireland. Bearing in mind the long established history that the schools in Bandon have in enabling students to reach such high standards, it is a wonder that more knowledge based industries have not established themselves in the area. Any high tech industry should examine the available workforce, good infrastructure, access to a major city and airport, low cost of ready made industrial units and the quality of life in the area.  I’m waiting for the day the industries such as Google, Ebay etc establish in Bandon. I genuinely think that it could happen. (They want the best ….. I think we can manage it!)


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