Bandon sewerage scheme gets suspended

Shock and disgust are two words that come to mind upon hearing that the Bandon sewerage scheme has been suspended by Cork County Council.

See link here:

Would love to know the reason behind the suspension:

Could it be any of the following: (Just asking the simple question and not speculating)

Is it due to financial constraints? Wasn’t there money ‘ring-fenced’ for the flood / drainage / sewerage scheme?

Is it due to an issue with some of the consultants not being available any more?

Could this have anything to do with possible plans to abolish West Cork Town Councils?

Is money being transferred from Bandon to other flood affected areas?

Bandon needs these works ……. the livelihoods of  too many people are dependent on ensuring that both flood and sewerage works are completed.

If anyone can answer some of the above questions …. then I’ll post them and publicise them as much as I can.

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