Posted in Floods, News on October 22, 2012

Bandon sewerage scheme gets suspended

Shock and disgust are two words that come to mind upon hearing that the Bandon sewerage scheme has been suspended by Cork County Council. See link here: http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=12992 Would love to know the reason behind the suspension: Could it be any of the following: ... Continue Reading

Posted in Floods, News on March 5, 2012

New footbridge for Bandon – Breaking News

Up to date news on www.bandon.ie: As part of the flood relief plan for Bandon a new clearspan footbridge is to replace the old footbridge in Bandon. The mayor of Bandon Cllr Sean o Donovan made the suggestion of a singlespan bridge to replace the old footbridge, instead of underp ... Continue Reading

Posted in Floods, News on July 13, 2011

Bandon River Update – Some river cleaning.

Quick update from Bandon Town Mayor, Sean O’Donovan: Mayor of Bandon Cllr Sean O Donovan welcomes the news on the Bandon interim flood mitigation works river cleaning. IFI (Inland Fisheries Ireland) are in agreement for the following works on the river Bandon to be undert ... Continue Reading

Posted in Floods, News on June 13, 2011

Please Minister – Help save our town!

I read with deep regret in today’s Irish Examiner the decision by the OPW to ‘deny dredging funds until long-term flood relief studies for Bandon are completed.’ Due process is one thing but why the delay with doing something effective? There appears to be an u ... Continue Reading

Posted in Floods, News on May 11, 2011

Bandon Flood Issues – Recap and waiting for updates.

I was just doing some review work on previous posts and came across something that was posted a few months ago that seems appropriate to mention again. How many people have spent 30 minutes reading over the Flood Risk Assessment document that was created locally? Click on the fol ... Continue Reading

Posted in Floods, News on May 9, 2011

Bandon flood early warning system – Update.

Cork County Council, through the Bandon FEWS has announced the following Flood Warning Code: Yellow (High) Alert 08.22 hrs as of 09/05/2011. I hope to post a few reminders of what to do and what not to do over the morning. (See previous posts if necessary) Check out www.bandonflo ... Continue Reading

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Something for our politicians to think about:

Please find below a letter from Gillian Powell and Maria McLaughlin that might help Bandon town in its fight for a solution to our flooding problem: Subject: MAKE DREDGING THE RIVER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AN ELECTION ISSUE Dear All   The following demands are being sent to all thos ... Continue Reading

Posted in Floods, News on January 21, 2011

Recent Events – High water levels

Bandon has had it’s flood warning! The recently created Bandon Flood Warning system has unfortunately had its first test this weekend. Recent heavy rains have created a swell of water to the west of the town and this flow has come through the town on Saturday night / Sunday ... Continue Reading

Posted in Bandon Working Together Group, Floods, News on January 17, 2011

Interesting media spin on local flooding. (A 5 minute read)

The media is a funny old game … it’s amazing how you can get quite different versions of the same story. The tales emerging from last Saturday and Sunday are no different. I read with interest earlier today in the Irish Examiner that ‘Early warning system saves ... Continue Reading

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Bandon Flood Warning system up and running

To all Bandonians: Please note that the Bandon Flood Warning system is now operational. Check out the following website: www.bandonfloodwarning.ie . You can register for text alerts. I received the following email from a member of the alert system: The Bandon Flood Early Warning ... Continue Reading